Monday, May 2, 2011

My Excellent Guest Blogging Adventure

I often comment on posts on a favorite blog of mine called the Creative Freelancer Blog, a part of the Creative Freelancer Conference site. I attended the conference last year for the first time, got a ton of good information and really enjoyed the professional fellowship. Recently I posted a question that I'm sure has been on the minds of many professionals on the wrong side of 50: how do we stay in the game as we get older? In the case of graphic design, there seems to be a definite youth bias in hiring, whether it's for employees or for independent contractors.

Much to my surprise, the post got dozens of responses and more are still coming in. It's apparently a burning question for many, especially since the economy took a dive. The stories are fascinating and the ideas for coping are all over the place. Take a look and see for yourself: too-old-to-be-a-designer?

Hopefully you'll be inspired to add your own two cents, whether you're a designer or not. Actually, especially if you're not a designer - tell us what you think!

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