Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two Great Blogs

It’s been uncharacteristically busy lately. You would think it would slow a bit as summer comes on, and it did for a minute. Then it went right back to normal, which around here is low-level crazed. In the smallish interval, I got acquainted with two blogs that I think are very worth sharing.

The first one is by a colleague, Julia Reich of Julia Reich Design in western New York. Like me, she practices in a fairly remote area. Recently she led a roundtable on the joys (or not) of being a designer in the sticks at the annual Creative Freelancers Conference. Wish I could have been there, but her report makes up for it. Read it here:

The other blog is (ahem) my daughter’s new blog. Lest you think that the only ism for me is nepotism, I have never been a slavishly adoring mom, as Caitlin will be the first to tell you. I do think she has a great talent for writing, and since she seems to have inherited the Snarky gene, she’s quite amusing. She has many insights into the life of a young urban 20-something. Check her out here: